8 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

6 Jan



1. Bring a shopping list

When you write a shopping list (whether on their smart phone or on the back of an envelope) you spend less money at the grocery store. Sticking to a shopping list is rewarding.

2. Always look at circulars

Every supermarket offers circulars (also known as loss leaders) when shoppers enter the store. They also arrive at your front step and can be found online at the supermarket’s website. The front and back page of the loss leader shows the weekly deals that the supermarket want to draw you in with. Those items can easily create meals for a week.

3. Remember to eat before shopping

If you go to a supermarket when you haven’t eaten, everything you see will end up in your shopping cart — including overpriced items you wouldn’t ordinarily buy!

4. Get a store rewards card

Signing up for the customer loyalty card at your store saves money. I once made a complete Thanksgiving dinner for a total of $13 because I was able to swipe my store rewards card at the register. It’s not a coupon (for those of you who don’t like coupons), it’s just a way to get the sale price the supermarket is offering on various items.

5. Always shop the perimeter of the store

Fresh produce, meats and dairy products are found in the perimeter of most grocery stores. The inner aisles of the store are full of less nutritious, boxed items. Stick to the perimeter of the store and your family will eat healthier.

6. Include generic and store brands on your shopping list

There are some brands we have to be loyal to because of taste and quality but some items we purchase every week at the supermarket can be purchased as generic or store brand versions. While I never stray from my trusted paper towel or ketchup brand, there are times when I save a few dollars each time I get a store brand product. And its fine.

7. Never grocery shop while upset

Retail therapy isn’t just for clothing. Shopping in the supermarket while upset clouds judgement and before you know it, your cart will be filled with all the comfort foods you enjoy that aren’t on sale, ruin your grocery budget and can’t even be used to make dinner for your family. And you tend to buy 4x more items than when you shop happy!

8. Stock up during sale times

Their are a few items we need in our house year round that go on sale at specific times and when they do I stock up. Now, I don’t mean I buy 10 of them, just 2 or 3 at that time. When the ketchup or flour we are brand loyal to goes on sale for 99 cents instead of $4.50, it’s smart to pick them up for the days we run out. It also makes sense to do the same for paper products!

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