What is summer to you!

29 May

To many Americans summer is the time off the year for fun but to many more it a time of sadness. They’re many families right now in this great nation that do not have a lot to eat and what there do have is very unhealthy. Will that is way I want to get my web site out there so people to know about my site DeeCoupon and what I am trying to do. I am trying to help people but getting you to save, I know how dose that work you most be saying to yourself! It is simple as you print off coupons of the site I will donate 15% of what the site make off the coupons a month. That is any coupons on the site and I will be sending the 15% to feed America a charity that help American families all over the nation.  So you do not need any money to be charitable any more just buy using my site you would be helping feed families all over the nation. Tell a friend help get the word out.


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